September 21, 2018

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce our dear brother and Ambassador for medical ozone world-wide, Prof. Lamberto Re for our conference in Costa Rica. Lamberto has sent me the topic that he will be lecturing on and it goes like this, “Systemic Medicine Approach to Ozone Therapy: The heterogeneous pattern of diseases from pain to cancer.” ” A novel approach to understand the best protocol to deliver ozone. The needing of supplementation as reinforcing therapy in conjunction with ozone like Vitamin C in cancer and Arginine in vascular diseases.” For those that do not know the talent, brilliance, passion and energy that is Lamberto, you are missing one of the greatest minds in ozone therapy! This is a must see! So, come and join us and our families for the most interesting and fun packed conference of 2019 in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica. For more info on Lamberto, go here