September 20, 2018
October 13, 2018

Introducing Dr. Howard Robins, the foremost world expert on the clinical use DIV Ozone Therapy Or RMDIV

We, at OWB are always listening to you and is why it is my extreme pleasure to bring back my good friend, Dr. Howard Robins to speak at our conference in Costa Rica, April 04, 05, 06 and 07, 2019.

We are certain that all of you whether involved with medical ozone or just researching, with an ozone treatment called DIV, or direct ozone injection. There is no other person on the planet that has been more experienced or recognized as the foremost expert on this modality. His method of this is called RMDIV and Howard has agreed to give us all a lecture on something many of you had requested.

Dr. Robins will speak on, “RMDIV for treatment of Lyme Disease and HSV I and II”. From Dr. Robins, “We have been treating over 200 late stage neurological Lyme patients a year along with over 75 HSV patients successfully. Protocols and treatment complications will be fully discussed.” We have also asked Dr. Robins to explain to us how he conducts the initial consultation so this will both be entertaining, educational and highly valuable to anyone in the ozone field in any way. Also remember, this venue is open to all that wish to attend.

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