September 21, 2018

Introducing Dr. Robert Rowen, the Foremost US expert on Medical Ozone Therapy

Master of all Ozone Therapies and most admired Medical Ozone doctor in the US.

If you are in this industry or even just a patient of medical ozone, you have heard of Robert and his successes in the treatment of patients that come to him for help. This, because he is constantly on talk shows, in articles, his successful You Tube Channel and Facebook profile. He has a following of tens of thousands and amazes all with his knowledge of medical ozone therapy and his methods of both assessment and protocol.  This time, Robert is going to educate us all on what he does in his practice that makes him what he has become today. This knowledge is far more than educational and entertaining and if you come to learn, it will without doubt not only revitalize your methodology but your practice as well. Do not miss this, for the therapist, this means better outcomes and for others, it will and can be used as a very powerful self assessment. Bring your colleagues and friends to this, there will be something for everyone to benefit from, guaranteed!

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