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Prof. Nazarov Eugeny
It is with great pleasure and honor that I introduce our next new speaker at our conference in Costa Rica.
Many of you know Prof. Nazarov Eugeny from his amazing work with EBOO-RU, Ozonated Saline and lately all noble gasses. His accomplishments and research are well known in the advanced medical ozone field and far too many for me to mention, but here is a taste;
Prof. Nazarov lives and works in Odessa-city, Ukraine, he is the President of All-Ukrainian Association of Ozonetherapists, Executive President Asiatic-European Association of Ozonetherapists, CEO, Econika Biomedical Engineering. A private company dedicated to Medical and physicochemical equipment design and manufacturing and Professor consultant of International Scientific Committee of Ozone therapy (ISCO3).
He is the author of 81 scientific articles on biophysics and medical problems.
His Specialties include:
– Research of the mechanism of physiological activity complexions and their analogues.
– Research of biophysical mechanisms of action of ozone on biological membranes.
– Researches in area creation of methods of an estimation of physiological efficiency of ozone therapy.
More info here, http://ozonetherapy.org
As you can see, this gentleman is one of the foremost innovators and teachers of our noble profession and one that draws a crowd and a following wherever he lectures and teaches, we are very proud that he has accepted our invitation to come and talk about the use of Ozone and Hydrogen in the medical field and as far as I know the only one providing this form of therapy to the world.
As always promised, we want to bring you the newest and most advanced uses of ozone in the medical field and with Prof. Nazarov coming to speak on this topic, I am certain you will agree that we are making this a reality. Don’t miss this venue and all those coming to speak in Tamarindo, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica, April 04, 05, 06 and 07, 2019. So come, bring your families and friends, this conference, as every one of ours is and always will be open to any and all that wish to attend this second annual Advanced Ozone Conference.

Gerard Armond Powell
Dear Friends, Groups, Colleagues and Relatives:
It is my extreme pleasure to announce my good friend Gerard Powell as one of the speakers at our Costa Rica Conference April 04, 05, 06 and 07, 2019. 
For those of that have not had the pleasure of knowing or hearing about Gerry and his work, here is a short blurb on him.
“A consciousness thought leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and inspirational speaker. He is the founder of Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, the “go-to” destination for a spiritually awakening vacation experience. He also founded
Truthenomics, an online program teaching the skills and insights essential to a life of manifestation. One of the 1 percent, he made his millions from creating and selling multiple companies, including thatlook.com, a pioneer in mass-market access to
cosmetic surgery, and My Choice Medical Inc.
His spiritual journey is the subject of a documentary film, The Reality of Truth syndicated on GAIA and with over 2.5+ Million YouTube views, featuring conversations with thought leaders such as Ram Dass, Joel Osteen, Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson, as well as Hollywood stars
Michelle Rodriguez and Peter Coyote.
We at Ozone Without Borders are extremely honored at the fact that Gerry has agreed to come and share his vision at our conference. I have personally known Gerry for a long time now and have followed his creation and progression with Rythmia and understand that he has a success rate of 92.65% with all those that go to Rythmia. I personally find that both incredible and truly encouraging so come to the conference to find out what it is that Gerry does with Rythmia. This is a not to be missed lecture and promises to be highly inspirational. If you want more info on Gerry, please go to this link for his best selling book, “Sh*t The Moon Said”, https://www.amazon.com/Sh-Moon-Said-Story-Ayahuasca/dp/0757320864/
See you there!

Prof. Lamberto Re

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce our dear brother and Ambassador for medical ozone world-wide, Prof. Lamberto Re for our conference in Costa Rica. Lamberto has sent me the topic that he will be lecturing on and it goes like this, “Systemic Medicine Approach to Ozone Therapy: The heterogeneous pattern of diseases from pain to cancer.” ” A novel approach to understand the best protocol to deliver ozone. The needing of supplementation as reinforcing therapy in conjunction with ozone like Vitamin C in cancer and Arginine in vascular diseases.” For those that do not know the talent, brilliance, passion and energy that is Lamberto, you are missing one of the greatest minds in ozone therapy! This is a must see! So, come and join us and our families for the most interesting and fun packed conference of 2019 in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica. For more info on Lamberto, go here https://www.lambertore.com/

Dr. Mikhail Artamonov

We at Ozone Without Borders have always maintained that one of our mandates in the field of Medical Ozone Therapy is to bring you the latest and best forms on the use of this our beloved therapy. We can think of no better doctor to bring this to your attention than Dr. Mikhail Artamonov. Mike brings into focus all modalities regarding pain management with ozone.

Mike is very versatile and uses many different modalities to achieve this and ozone has become part of all this. Mike calls this method, “Ozonoautohemomyelotherapy”. To call this a novel therapy is an understatement, to give you a taste, it involves, in his words, “ozonation of aspirate from any bone tissue bringing immediate relief of pain.” I won’t get into this too much but will update this page once we have more info. Needless to say, something I am extremely interested in as I am certain you are. Maybe we can even get Mike to do a class on this in Costa Rica, what do you think? So, come to Tamarindo for the best ozone education, ever…

Remember that we aim to bring you the best and newest ozone and associated therapies so that you can keep up with our ever growing field. See you there…

Dr. Robert Rowen

Introducing Dr. Robert Rowen, the Foremost US expert on Medical Ozone Therapy

Master of all Ozone Therapies and most admired Medical Ozone doctor in the US.

If you are in this industry or even just a patient of medical ozone, you have heard of Robert and his successes in the treatment of patients that come to him for help. This, because he is constantly on talk shows, in articles, his successful You Tube Channel and Facebook profile. He has a following of tens of thousands and amazes all with his knowledge of medical ozone therapy and his methods of both assessment and protocol.  This time, Robert is going to educate us all on what he does in his practice that makes him what he has become today. This knowledge is far more than educational and entertaining and if you come to learn, it will without doubt not only revitalize your methodology but your practice as well. Do not miss this, for the therapist, this means better outcomes and for others, it will and can be used as a very powerful self assessment. Bring your colleagues and friends to this, there will be something for everyone to benefit from, guaranteed!

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Dr Howard Robbins

Introducing Dr. Howard Robins, the foremost world expert on the clinical use DIV Ozone Therapy Or RMDIV

We, at OWB are always listening to you and is why it is my extreme pleasure to bring back my good friend, Dr. Howard Robins to speak at our conference in Costa Rica, April 04, 05, 06 and 07, 2019.

We are certain that all of you whether involved with medical ozone or just researching, with an ozone treatment called DIV, or direct ozone injection. There is no other person on the planet that has been more experienced or recognized as the foremost expert on this modality. His method of this is called RMDIV and Howard has agreed to give us all a lecture on something many of you had requested.

Dr. Robins will speak on, “RMDIV for treatment of Lyme Disease and HSV I and II”. From Dr. Robins, “We have been treating over 200 late stage neurological Lyme patients a year along with over 75 HSV patients successfully. Protocols and treatment complications will be fully discussed.” We have also asked Dr. Robins to explain to us how he conducts the initial consultation so this will both be entertaining, educational and highly valuable to anyone in the ozone field in any way. Also remember, this venue is open to all that wish to attend.

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Dr. Bill Domb

Introducing the brilliant, Dr. Bill Domb

Bill is a huge resource of anything that one can think of.

There is no one in dental ozone or dentistry more respected that Bill. His manner and knowledge both leaves you smiling and educated. He has lectured at almost every conference and it seems not about to stop. Come to Costa Rica and listen to what advanced theory Bill has for us this time, certainly to be interesting and powerful. Get your tickets now and book your hotel.

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Andre Hugo Smith

Introducing Andre Hugo Smith

Owner of the HOCATT System and many other innovative ideas.

In the last conference there was an issue so Andre could not come in person and we had to do a video feed. For Costa Rica we are guaranteed to have Andre come and speak to us about the HOCATT system in detail and answer any questions regarding what I can only call an ozone sauna on steroids. This is not in an effort to promote his HOCATT but so that we can understand all the options and functions and why he considers them important in any use of ozone in saunas. This is a topic that has been mainly ignored in any conference and we feel important enough that we asked Andre to lecture all of us on this system. We believe that any and all of you will benefit to some extent in regards to this lecture.

Take a look at some of his achievements, go to his site below, Andre loves to solve issues and help those less fortunate. Something that resonates with all of us in Ozone Without Borders, which makes him a great fit in our plan for medical ozone. Come and join all of us while we listen to the knowledge that this man has to offer us, he has not spoken in any conferences and we are honored that he has chosen ours to do so.  Don’t miss this one, register now!

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Daisy White

The speaker list is becoming bigger and better than expected and this speaker has to be one of the best. Come to Tamarindo, Costa Rica, April 04, 05, 06 and 07, 2019 and join us. Let me just put up what was forwarded to me as an announcement, it speaks for itself quite nicely.


“Daisy White has been a leading advocate in the health industry for 20+ years. She works as a Health Advocate with many families that are seeking the proper care for their specific ailment.


Most prominently she has worked with the Hadid family. She was made well known for getting Yolanda Hadid to higher ground on her journey towards wellness after her Lyme disease diagnosis. Currently Daisy still works with Yolanda as well as 40 other families worldwide to unwind the maze of chronic illness.


Daisy was featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She was filmed while helping Yolanda back to health. Trained by doctor Dietrich Klinghardt, Daisy White brings her expertise to many clients needing support.


Daisy has been trained in Autonomic Response Testing with Klinghardt Academy and holds a certification in ART from this same institution. She also has a BA from Bennington College. As a patient herself she had incredible success with RHP to help resolve her own chronic infections.


She’s proud to be able to manage protocols for her clients with HOCCAT USA as its 10 in 1 philosophy proves to get the job done-often eliminating the need for further more complex treatments. Furthermore, Daisy has seen that many patients with acute and chronic illnesses have compromised vein health and this modality overrides the need for vein access. With HOCATT’S trans-dermal capability it is the only system that is always successful for patient with compromised veins.”


This is yet another outstanding speaker that we all need to hear from and I hope that you come and join us in welcoming her on to our stage. Remember that this conference is limited to just 200 guests so please go register and book your hotel for this conference before we close the doors.

Dr. Mikael Nordfors

As many of you understand, one of the most rampant diseases to hit mankind in the last number of years has been Lyme disease. Moreover, it seems to be the most difficult to both diagnose and treat. This disease is rampant and ever-growing. There are so many afflicted by it in our world that it has become, in my opinion, an massive epidemic and we are all grasping at how not only to assess and treat this scourge but to as well help all those suffering get back the life they used to know.. My personal belief is that we will be able to control and treat Lyme and because of this, I search for those that have had success in not only understanding Lyme but treating it as well.

In comes Dr. Mikael Nordfors who has agreed to come and talk to all of us on what he does to treat those suffering from Lyme. The following is a bit about him, “ He wants today’s medical system to one day become a true medical science , which is now divided into conventional medicine , alternative medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine etc. He tries to use anything that works to help his patients as much as possible, regardless from what medical school it is derived. He is Lyme literate and member of ILADS(International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society), ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) and the German Society for Experience Based Medicine(Ärstegesellschaft für Erfahrungsheikunde.)

In addition to many years of experience as a physician in general medicine and psychiatry , he has also worked in the private cancer clinic Humlegaarden , where he learned a lot about both conventional and alternative cancer treatments such as high dose ozone treatment, hyperthermia , LDN , DCA , GcMAF , maf 314 yogurt, Bio – Immune Therapy according to Thomas Tallberg, dendritic cell vaccinations and treatment with Newcastle Disease Virus ( NDV ) . He also collaborates with leading clinicians in experimental radiology in both Germany and India. He has for several years studied psychotherapy under personal guidance from Dr. Fred Levenson , author of such book “The causes and prevention of cancer,” and the world’s leading specialist in psychotherapy of cancer patients .

He is also a licensed LNB pain therapy therapist, a system derived from ancient Greece to treat most pain conditions with specific stretching exercises , pressure points and general health advice . He has developed a new kind of therapy called Tendon Insertion therapy on the grounds on LNB.”

This lecture would be excellent for not only those of us that treat Lyme patients but for Lyme patients as well. In fact, we encourage all those interested in this, whether patient of physician to send me an email if you would like this lecturer hold a full day class and teach how to treat and resolve the issues surrounding Lyme. It is refreshing to know that there are those like Mikael around us and are willing to devote their time to those that need it the most and for that we need to support him and his work. So bring yourselves, your patients. Alert all those Lyme Warriors about this lecture and have them come and join us as well, this conference and any other we hold will always be open to all of you, regardless of status.

Many, Many More Speakers Coming Soon...



Never Boring, no politics, no egos and absolutely no borders!

This first ever Ozone Without Borders Conference was held at the Xavier School of Medicine in Aruba. To advance ozone therapy and the use of Medical Ozone we need to change and open young doctor's opinions to the wonders of ozone, so come join us and shape these young minds to understand the true power of Medical Ozone Therapy in a hope that they do will take what we teach to the four corners of the world.

Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba

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APRIL 04, 05, 06, 07,  2019



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