An unforgettable Congress where experts from all over the world, with hundreds or thousands of patients in their backpacks, will meet in Pontevedra (Spain) to talk about  a therapy that already has almost 4,000 published works in PUBMED and that is consolidating in the medical community : the Ozonoterapia . Among the topics present at the congress will be the application of ozone therapy  as a complement to the treatment of cancer, IPO3, OHT, discolysis, paravertebral and much more, as practical workshops with real patients. 



The current scenario of ozone therapy is exciting. Each time the society and the medical community accept Ozone Therapy for their own merit, based on the science and the results of hundreds of doctors working with real patients all over the world. 

We leave at your disposal a wide list of doctors who are currently working with ozone therapy in different friendly countries and believe in AMOS


II Congress Experiences and evidences in Ozone Therapy

19-20-21-22 and June 23-2019 | Pontevedra-Spain

FOR MORE DETAILS VISIT  ...... https://ozonoterapiasolidaria.com

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